4 Tips for Choosing New Paint for Your Home

When it comes to getting a new coat of exterior house paint, it can feel quite overwhelming! Thankfully, the experts at H & H Development Inc. are here to provide the inside tips for choosing the best new paint for your home. Let us know what you have in mind for your dream home design by contacting us today!

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Paint brushes, gloves and a paint bucket

Choose The Right Materials

From surface-prep tools to having the right ladder, a lot goes into preparing to paint your house. Thankfully, our team of professionals is more than prepared to bring every tool for the home and then some. Take a look at our recent gutter system and paint jobs we completed across Kingman, Arizona!

Bold yet simple colors on a modern home exterior

Keep Colors Bold and Simple

Choosing a palette combination that's wacky and stands out in the neighborhood can be tempting if you're looking for something completely new. The secret to having a stellar-looking home without a wild outfield move is to understand effective color schemes that maintain a bold and simple style to last for a long time.

A modern home with grays and whites as exterior paint colors

Colors That Last

In terms of modern appeal, a boldly tinted white with a brown or gray accent can be the perfect combination for your latest exterior coat of paint. Always consider weather-related factors local to your neighborhood. Heavy rain and sunlight can quickly damage your paint if it's not properly applied the first time..

A paint expert consulting a client on color choices

Consult Painting Experts

The H & H Development Inc. team brings a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a two-year workmanship warranty for all our painting services. We make sure to execute a great job based on our experience and collaboration skills to get you exactly what you're looking for in a newly painted home.

Make the most out of your next home paint project. We'd love to hear from you. Give us a call today, and let's talk about the best modern color combinations.

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